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Victoria another welcome addition to our Volunteer Corp will be assisting the foundation with on line training regarding the Opioid Pandemic and the Use of Narcan. Victoria is a former Marine, the mom of one amazing dog (Sugarfoot McLovin’s) and most importantly a citizen who tries her best to care for her neighbors. She has many years of experience in numerous industries mostly as a corporate instructor, trainer or in a technical sales capacity. Victoria has been an active “helper” all her life volunteering with various causes throughout the year’s and wishes to continue in her community now that she has returned to South Florida for this part of her journey. When not working on the mission at hand, you can find Victoria and Sugarfoot exploring the local areas on foot or with some aquatic minded friends at the beach to enjoy the surf, sand and sunshine.
Victoria’s “Why”
I truly believe we are all connected and this epidemic is a threat in some way to each and every one of us. Most of us need a second chance at some point in our lives…this program tries to give just that and I am excited to be a part.


VOLUNTEER CORP. Social Media Outreach

Karishma Dangoda is a recent college graduate with a passion for the medical field, dance, piano, and volunteering. As a future medical student, Karishma is interested in contributing to the awareness of, and fight against, major underserved public health issues. This is why Karishma was drawn to The Robin Foundation’s mission of not only helping those personally affected by the opioid crisis, but also educating others on how they can help. Karishma states” I am honored to be part of this very passionate team, and to contribute to its growing role in the opioid epidemic”



Rachel Cope graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Spanish in 2021. She has previously volunteered with Mending Hearts in Nashville, a rehabilitation clinic that works with women recovering from addiction. Her interests are expanding harm reduction resources and investing in mental health treatment. Rachel is a welcome member of our Volunteer team.


Director of Community Development

Claire’s journey began in interior architecture, but after losing her brother to an accidental fentanyl overdose, she took her career path in a new direction. She started 6th Sense Design in 2021 and has been working on designing spaces for recovery and treatment. She is passionate about the intersection of evidence-based design and behavioral health and is excited to work with the Robin Foundation that is combatting the nationwide epidemic from so many different directions.

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The Robin Foundation is a 501 C3 certified organization.

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